Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Video: Inside Storey’s Kitchen—Caramel Candy Liqueur

Remember we said we’d ventured into the kitchen to make a video? Well, we’re finally ready to share the results!

In this first installment of Inside Storey’s Kitchen, we’re mixing up a batch of Caramel Candy Liqueur, a copycat praline-pecan liqueur from Andrew Schloss’s Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits, that infuses bourbon with the richness of untoasted nuts and the sweet spice of caramelized syrup and vanilla bean. 

Stir it into a Glazed Wild Turkey cocktail (don’t worry: we tell you how to make that, too) and you’ve got a warming way to end a day on the slopes...or a reward for shoveling the driveway.

Follow along with Storey publicist Matt LaBombard (a natural in the kitchen and in front of the camera) as he shows us how it’s done.


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