Monday, June 10, 2013

Leslie Charles: Postcard from the Backyard

This is the year of the garden! After a couple of seasons of chickens and dogs digging up what I’ve dug in, I finally have my garden back. So I’m trying my hand at building things for the garden: trellises, garden beds, borders of cardboard and hay. A few weeks ago I attempted to buy some bamboo poles, but Jim, owner of the Country Corral, convinced me to cut down some saplings instead (free and a service to my fields). First I made a bean tepee. The wind blew it down just as beans were sprouting. Tepee abandoned, now a trellis attempted. Ingredients: the saplings, old semirotted tomato stakes, and twine; I created the trellis in less than an hour. I rooted the poles a lot deeper into the soil to make sure this one wouldn’t fall down. Voilรก!

— Leslie Charles, Marketing Art Director, Storey Publishing

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