Monday, June 24, 2013

Amy Cotler: Seasonal Improvisations

Lettuce season in my backyard.

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Improvisations of the Day:

Chicken with Piquant Italian Green Sauce

Blend a small bunch of parsley, stems and all, 2 tablespoons capers, 1 teaspoon anchovy paste, 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard. Add oil to reach make it a tad saucy, then fresh lemon juice to taste. (Salt to taste IF needed.) Saute chicken. Turn. Add a heaping tablespoon of green sauce (glob) on top of each piece. Cover the pan and cook over a low heat until just cooked through. The sauce and chicken juices will combine. (I like thighs best.) Serve over rice. (Lots of sauce left over. Freeze or eat tomorrow on a sandwich. Outstanding.

Cilantro Pesto

A spread or dip. Blend a small bunch of garden cilantro, a can of mild chilies, a handful of pecans and cheese of choice, such as Parmesan or your favorite local cheese. Add salt to taste. Spread on bread, dip in vegetables, etc. Delicious.

Tossed Sugar Snaps

Throw them into boiling water for 10-30 seconds, then drain. Toss with a tiny touch of sesame oil, sea salt and hot chili pepper flakes. Munch immediately.

Savior Chicken Soup with Pac Choy

What cured my cold? Plump chunks of chicken mingled with deep green and crunchy white local Pac Choy from Woven Roots Farm, a relative of bok choy — all simmered in an Asian inflected soup with a little kick. Add to a wok: a little oil, a small bunch local scallions ,  green and white, cut into 1/2 inch pieces, 1 teaspoon or more grated ginger, 1 sliced garlic clove. Stir over high heat with 1 pound chicken thighs (large cubes) and a bunch of chopped Pac Choy, both green and white or 30 seconds. Add 3-4 cups homemade chicken stock with with goodies in it — chopped cilantro, tiny splash of soy, hot sauce, sesame seeds and cornstarch (about 1 super heaping tablespoon or more, if you like). Swirl and add to wok. Simmer at a low boil, JUST until chicken is cooked through and soup is slightly thickened. Add salt and/or a few drops of rice wine vinegar, if needed. It works!

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