Friday, July 26, 2013

Sewing School 2: Snack Time Bag and Book Giveaway

Planning your next adventure? Be prepared, because you never know what to expect from Mother Nature. Don’t use plastic bags when you’re on the trail; use this handy reusable pouch instead! It’s perfect for snack time, no matter where you are. Now get out there and explore!

Snack Time Bag

What You Need
Pattern for Snack Time
¼ yard cotton fabric
3½-inch-long piece of self-adhesive hook-and-loop tape
Straight pins
Sewing machine and thread

Let’s Review:
Turn a corner [download pdf]

A Note for Grown-Ups
This project is so quick to make that your young sewer will want to make several at a time to use for school snacks and outdoor adventures. Once the snack is gone, the bags can be machine washed and filled again and again. New sewers may need help turning corners and attaching the hook-and-loop tape.

Sample of Snack Time pattern. This is not to scale.
For full-size pattern, please download the printable pdf.

1. Download and print the Snack Time pattern [download pdf] (please note that the pattern is larger than letter-size paper). Use chalk to trace the pattern onto the fabric one time. Or using a straight-edge, draw a 6.5" x 13" rectangle directly onto fabric. The fold line is 2" up from the bottom (or 11" down from the top — see sample illustration above). Cut out the fabric.

2. Machine-stitch straight across one short end of the fabric. This is called a staystitch, and it is done through one layer of fabric so the edge doesn’t fray. Trim the threads.

3. Lay out the fabric with the good side down, the stitched edge at the top, and the pattern piece next to it. Fold the stitched edge of the fabric down to the fold line on the pattern. Pin the side edges together.

4. – 7. Click here for the remaining steps of the Snack Time Bag project [download pdf].

Trail Mix

Whether you're hitting the open trail or just going across town, it’s always nice to have a little snack. Here is Jackson’s favorite recipe, but you can change up the ingredients and amounts to suit your taste.

1 cup dry cereal
2 cups pretzel sticks
¼ cup chocolate chips
¼ cup white chocolate chips
¼ cup raisins

Mix it all up in a big bowl, and scoop into your Snack Time bag. Store any extra Trail Mix in an airtight container.

Excerpted from Sewing School 2 © 2013 by Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle. Photographs © Justin Fox Burks. All rights reserved.

Happy snacking!

— Amie Petronis Plumley & Andria Lisle, authors of Sewing School and Sewing School 2.

Win a copy of Sewing School and Sewing School 2
In the comment section below, tell us about your little sewist, and you will be entered to win! We will randomly select a winner on Wednesday, July 31, 2013. The winner will be announced on Inside Storey, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed — make sure to check in with us on the 31st to see if that lucky person is you!

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melissa q. at a happy stitch said...

I happen to have a 4 year old boy who believe my sewing machine is 'magic'. Sadly, he doesn't have the attention span to learn how to use (or the impulse control!) but my 6 year old is ripe for the magic machine and he's in love with creation of all kinds!

Khadijah said...

I actually have four little sewists right now, plus a three year old wanna-be! My daughters caught the bug last fall and since then are pretty unstoppable. My eight year old is unsure of the machine so far, but she is piecing a quilt by hand beautifully!

maxanyamom said...

I don't know much about sewing, but my 6 year old & I are both curious to learn more. Looks like this book has fun, engaging projects for her to try! Thanks for the chance to win!

matope said...

my neice loooves visiting and raiding my sewing drawer, she always ends up going home with new doll clothing or a blanket!

melonkelli said...

I have three kids (5, 7, 9) who love "driving" the sewing machine and sewing by hand as well.

Gaia Garden Girl said...

My daughter just turned 8 and I'd love to get her started on our sewing machine. She had a little kids-size Singer and now she's ready to move up. I'll get a copy of this book even if we don't win. Well worth the cost!

olga said...

My daughter (8) will love sewing these snack bags. She wants to be a chef and a fashion designer someday, so it's the perfect project for her. Are there more steps posted somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Oh no! You are the first person who noticed that the project was clipped! Stay tuned . . . the rest of the project will be available soon!

Anonymous said...

I’ve updated the post to include a link to a pdf of steps 4-7. Happy sewing!

Anonymous said...

melonkelli, you won!
Congrats, you are now the proud owner of Sewing School and Sewing School 2: Lessons in Machine Sewing. I'll shoot you an email soon to get your info. - Kristy