Monday, January 28, 2013

Amy Cotler: A Walk on the Wild (and cultivated) Side . . .

See the cowboy in the distance?
A walk around the lake in San Miguel, Mexico took us past a local farmer, tending his diverse livestock — sheep, goats and cows.

This was my 3rd visit to the organic farm, La Trinidad, over several years. The first time I visited, we dug a variety of fresh greens out of giant vats of cold water to take home. On the second visit, they’d added a sweet store. Now, there’s a restaurant where you can eat overlooking the field you see in the picture above. (For more, scan down on this link.)

This artichoke looked especially tasty after hearing that they just got a foot of snow back home.
Gorgeous field. The downside? Most of the yield from the conventional farms here is shipped to the US, including lots of broccoli, which uses plenty of chemicals and, of course, water, a scarce resource here.
Standing in front of well irrigated field in an arid climate during the dry season.

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