Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Homestead Library Winner is . . .

Jamie has won a complete library of traditional skills — $475 worth of books, magazines, and preserving products to help build a dream homestead.

Jamie said:
“My mom is starting a nonprofit to teach teenagers traditional skills, such as foraging for native foods, canning, cooking over a fire/woodstove, and other "survival skills" so that the knowledge isn't lost and they can provide for themselves if things get tough. So, I would pass the prize package along to her...but probably read all of the books myself first.”
A panel of seven judges read all the entries and assigned the most points to Jamie’s post. We just love that this prize is going to help the next generation learn and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Mother Earth News declared September International Homesteading Education Month — they will be proud of Jamie’s use of this fantastic prize!

Speaking of Mother Earth News, the MEN Fair has begun today in Pennsylvania. Storey staff and many of our authors are there. Find out what is happening, see a schedule of author events, and enter for another chance to win! Go to whol.st/oreyFair

Jamie’s Prize Package

Jamie, to claim your prize, please email your full name and mailing address to Kristy.Rustay@Storey.com. Congratulations!

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Joyness Sparkles said...

Congratulations Jamie! What a wonderful work the mother is doing!

Anonymous said...

Jaime has claimed her prize, and I will be shipping it out to her today. In addition to being our contest winner, she is also the owner of a really cool book shop in Nebraska. Check out her website: http://www.sistersgrimm.biz/Home_Page.html

Congratulations from one book lover to another!