Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Storey’s “Crazy Goat Lady” Is Famous!

Sue Weaver, Storey author and regular contributor to the blog, is one of the national finalists in Casey's (convenience stores) Famous People contest for being “a crazy goat lady”!

Sue, a finalist in Casey’s Famous People contest, is pictured here reading to her kids.

Sue is Storey’s goat lady, miniature livestock lady, sheep lady, backyard cow lady, and so much more. Show your support for our friend and author, and vote today.

“The Grand Prize is $5,000, and oh boy, with the soaring price of animal feed, do we need it. I will be very, very thankful and grateful for your votes because that $5,000 would go a long way toward taking care of our animals. Otherwise, I'm not sure how we'll get through the winter.” — Sue Weaver

The Casey’s Famous People contest begins today, September 11, and runs through September 25. To vote, you must have a Facebook account — you can vote once a day (please, please do!). Go to Casey’s Facebook page and click on “Casey’s Famous People” at the top.

The documentaries for the three finalists will go live on September 11. Sue (Casey’s Famous Person #2) is nominated for being a crazy goat lady, but many of her other animals are featured in the minidocumentary as well. In addition to voting for Sue, we encourage you to repost about the contest on Facebook, animal forums, and blogs.

Check in with Sue — she will be following the developments on her public Facebook page and Martok’s blog.

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