Friday, May 4, 2012

The Spring Locavore

Amy Cotler is "Talking Fresh" on her new radio show!

Join Amy on Robin Hood Radio while she seeks out and savors the best farm food from our region, one ingredient at a time. Amy would like to acknowledge The Berkshire Food Journal for their support and Robin Hood Radio, where you can also hear this show live and on podcasts.

A bowl full of fresh ramp leaves.
Photograph complements of Amy Cotler's recipe blog.

Spring Greens
Listen here
Tossed Spring Greens
Fresh Chive Noodles with Early Spring Things
Spinach Salad Wrap
Spring Toss (Watercress)

Listen here
Grilled Asparagus with Chive Oil

Ramp It Up!
Listen here
More about ramps, including a recipe for ramp pesto

Spring Poached Eggs
Listen here
Eggs on Vegetable Hash with Ancho Chili Ketchup

All recipe links are to Amy Cotler's The Locavore Way recipe blog.

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