Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bloom Day — April 15, 2012

Finally, there is some color popping up in the New England landscape! April is such a fabulous month — flowers are making their first appearance since last fall, and the dull gray that surrounded us for the past 6 months is now turning green and is speckled with the yellows, pinks, and purples of spring blossoms.

Please enjoy the colorful spring blooms from our yards.

Cindy McFarland, Williamstown, Massachusetts:

Hellebores are in bloom very early in spring;
we are adding to our collection with three baby plants
this year, so next year I hope there will be more flower
colors and larger plants. It is one of my new favorite
plants for shade. They stay in flower for a long time.
Behind them you might be able to see bluebells in bud.

Andromeda shrub in full bloom — it's having a very good year.

Mary Copeland daffodils in a flower bed

Naturalized daffodils growing right up through the grass.
We are adding more every year in the fall and trying to
remember where we want to put more after all signs of them are gone.

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts:



Flowering quince

Zan Farr, Williamstown, Massachusetts:

This is a portion of the huge forsythia behind my house,
which has been spectacular for weeks now.

Mary Velgos, North Adams, Massachusetts:

Daffodils in the compost bin

Debbie Surdam, Hoosick, New York:


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Clint Baker said...

Everything is so so beautiful! It is awesome to see all the new life popping up and all the color of spring!