Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pliers, vegetable oil, a baked potato, and a Dremel? Day 6 on The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour

Today's stop on The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour comes from Amy Stewart over at Garden Rant. Along with a general review of the book, Amy talks about an entry that can help her help one of her hens ... if she finds the nerve to try it!
I found an entire page devoted to "spur trimming," something I desperately need to know more about as my Golden Wyandotte, Abigail, has grown horrifying spurs that must embarrass her terribly and might even hurt. Spur-trimming, it turns out, involves needle-nosed pliers, vegetable oil, a baked potato, and a Dremel cutting tool.
I am not making this up. At moments like this I wonder if I am really cut out for the stewardship of chickens. At least now I know how to do it; whether I actually will do it is another question.
Head on over to Garden Rant and send Amy some words of encouragement. And while you're there, don't forget to enter her contest to win your own copy of Gail Damerow's The Chicken Encyclopedia!

And remember to check back in tomorrow for the next stop on the blog tour!

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