Monday, January 30, 2012

Barnheart Book Launch — A Huge Success!

Jenna Woginrich is not only an amazingly motivated, earth-conscious, musically talented, animal-loving human being, she is also one of Storey's best-selling authors. She has written Made From Scratch (a memoir), Chick Days (an absolute beginner's guide), and the newly released Barnheart (a memoir).

Jenna's books are proudly displayed front and center
at her local bookstore, Battenkill Books.

Battenkill Books in Cambridge, New York (local to Jenna), hosted the extremely successful Barnheart book launch on January 21. "Jenna was introduced by author Jon Katz, which was fun," reported Storey editor Carleen Madigan. With standing room only, the audience members came from all over Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont "and included some of her regular blog followers." They had plenty of questions, "mostly about how she manages to balance her work life with everything she’s doing on the farm."

Jenna brought her working-dog border collie, Gibson,
to her
Barnheart book launch at Battenkill Books.

Carleen went on to say, "The people at Battenkill Books did a great job promoting the event ahead of time and handed out the posters, which people loved! That place seems like a good example of how a local bookstore can sell a ton of books by promoting a local author and selling signed copies. I think Jenna said Battenkill presold about four hundred signed copies of Barnheart!"

Jenna's fans loved the Barnheart posters that were handed out.

Stay tuned to Inside Storey for more about Jenna — we promise to keep you up to date on her future events. If you are itching to learn more about Jenna immediately, read her blog, Cold Antler Farm. She posts regularly about all her homesteading trials and triumphs.

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