Monday, October 24, 2011

Today is National Food Day

That's correct, October 24th is National Food Day here in the United States. Today is in fact the inaugural celebration of the holiday, one that seeks to focus on highlighting the many challenges facing our country and the world's ability to sustain both all of its citizens and the environment in which we live. If you want to explore further what this day means you can go straight to the source at the Food Day webpage or you can stay in touch with everything happening all day long by following National Food Day on Twitter (@CSPI) or on Facebook.

Locally, here in North Adams, home of the Storey Publishing office, there is the Keep Farming Kickoff Event.

For a more global perspective, take a look at Andrew Stout's article over at the Huffington Post.

Lastly, whether it be making a list of all your favorite local farms that you'd like to pay a visit later this fall to gather everything you need for your family's big Thanksgiving Day feast or pulling together another harvest meal from your own garden, how will you be celebrating the country's first National Food Day?

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