Friday, February 18, 2011

From Jenna Woginrich's Blog: Jacci and her Chicks

This wonderful photo was sent in by Cold Antler Farm reader, Jacci. Her companions in the photo are her first-ever chicks! Meet Apple, panini, basil, clover, nutmeg and pepper. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Jenna Woginrich is a Pennsylvania native who's made her home in the smoky mountains of Tennessee, northern Idaho, rural Vermont, and most recently, upstate New York.  She is the author of the memoir Made from Scratch and Chick Days.  She is on the blogging staff of the Huffington Post, in addition to keeping her own blog, Cold Antler Farm. Jenna shares a home and garden with her gregarious sled dogs, chickens, a hive of bees, and some amicable rabbits.

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