Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh, My . . . What a Big Egg You Laid

This is not Silly Putty (as I had hoped for the hen's sake) — it is a real egg, laid by a backyard hen only 20 miles from our offices. It's huge!

Kim Taylor, a friend of a Storey employee, and her husband and four kids raise animals on their small backyard farm. They raise a few free-range chickens, a couple of horses, a calf, and a couple of dogs. Some are pets, and some are raised for food, but they all happily run around the Taylors’ backyard in White Creek, New York.

The egg was cooked and eaten for breakfast. This will come as no surprise, but there were two yolks within.

Do you have any great backyard homesteading stories? We’d love to hear yours.

— Kristy L. Rustay, Marketing Manager


Unknown said...

I used to have chickens years ago and would get many double yokers from my Rhode Island Reds. I don't think mine were that big!! What breed of chicken laid that? I am retired now and plan on purchasing chickens in the next few months. So I would seriously like to have the breed.

Kristy Rustay said...

I had my co-worker check in with Kim. She raises many breeds and she is unsure which chicken laid that egg. I apologize, I wish I had more information for you.