Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garlic Update

My second batch of garlic was harvested on Saturday.
I dusted off the dirt and peeled off the first two layers
of skin, then set them in the sun to cure.

I pulled the remaining 16 bulbs of garlic from my garden this weekend — 1 week and 2 days after I pulled the first 11 from the dirt. The new harvest doesn't appear to be much larger than the first, and a couple of them looked like they might be beginning to rot (notice the brownish yellow striping in the garlic bulb in the lower right of the photo above).

I learned from comments on my previous post, The Anxious Newbie Gardener and Her Garlic, that the garlic is ready early this year for the Northeast. Ed Smith, author of The Vegetable Gardener's Bible, gave the right clues as to when the garlic was ready. Shame on me for second guessing the Bible!

All 27 heads of garlic are curing in the middle of my lawn.

— Kristy L. Rustay, Marketing Manager

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