Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eating Raw Never Looked So Good

Here in New England the temperature of late has become blistering, by Northeast standards, and on the heels of the mild weather soon comes bikini season. Many of us have hidden in sweaters and boots during the winter months, forgetting what will be bared during warm days. It is important to have healthy-looking and glowing skin, whether or not spring or summer includes a backyard pool or getaway plans that involve a two-piece swimsuit.

There is a simple solution: a raw food diet. Not only does eating raw have anti-aging benefits, it also helps get rid of stretch marks, and the dishes are low in calories, while still being filling.

On the last leg of her nationwide book tour, author and licensed holistic esthetician Stephanie Tourles made a stop in New York City. I was also along for the ride, promoting her recent book Raw Energy. While there, we had a chance to explore many of the delicious and healthy recipes in her snack recipe book and to stop by the celebrated raw food restaurant, Pure Food & Wine.

While Stephanie is not 100 percent raw, her tips and tricks for staying healthy and looking young couldn't have come at a better time. Inside Raw Energy there are plenty of snack and beverage recipes to get you going with necessary, healthy foods. This spring, instead of coffee or tea, start your mornings off with a Morning Power Shot; this hot, soothing drink, with one whole lemon, hot water, cayenne pepper, and one tablespoon of raw honey, will get balmy days off to an energetic start.

Tahitian Mango Ginger Soup can be found in Raw Energy. This is also the one time soups will be refreshing on summer days. Turn to several of the raw-fruit soup recipes in Raw Energy. All are refreshing snacks that are light and low in calories.

Olives make a great raw appetizer.

To keep up with the diet, for dinner, if you find yourself in New York City, stop by Pure Food & Wine on 17th and Irving, where Executive Chef Sarma Melngailis dishes up organic, vegan, and raw dishes, prepared to perfection; even the tap water is purified through a high-end filtration system. Stephanie and I were able to partake in tasting some of the delicious appetizers on the menu, including House Cured Olives with Fennel and Orange, King Oyster Mushroom Scallops with Hijiki Seaweed, chive crรจme fraiche, wilted watercress with black garlic, and tomato broth.

Fancier palates will appreciate raw scallops.

Still can’t stand the heat? Take another glance at Raw Energy for the Watermelon Cooler recipe. It acts as a very refreshing, low-calorie energizer; it’s filling, too, and easy to make: just put everything in the blender.

Raw Energy photography © Kevin Kennefick

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