Saturday, February 6, 2010

Create an Indoor Window Box for Valentine's Day

The following is an excerpt from Window Boxes Indoors and Out: 100 Projects & Planting Ideas for All Four Seasons by James Cramer and Dean Johnson.

For a special valentine, make an indoor window box to take the place of an ordinary bouquet or formal arrangement. Choose miniature red roses or any other flower that carries a sentimental meaning. Finish with heart-shaped ivy or a cloud of baby’s breath.To find the right box, search tag sales and antiques shops. We found this hinged wooden box, with incised hearts and stars and a heart-shaped mirror inside the lid, at a flea market. You can also make your own wooden box and decoupage it with antique valentines or cutout hearts. If your box isn’t waterproof, line it with a sheet of plastic or a preformed plastic liner before you add the plants.

A little wooden box with carved designs might have been a child’s
jewelry box long ago. Filled with roses, it is a thoughtful
token of love, paired with an antique garden-theme valentine.

Photography by Gridley & Graves from Window Boxes Indoors and Out

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