Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bloom Day — September 2015

Storey staffers and friends share scenes from September gardens and beyond.

A sunflower from publicity and marketing assistant Meaghan Weeden’s garden
As photos for this month’s Bloom Day post arrived in my inbox, nearly every one came with a caveat: There isn’t much left in my garden, or Things are winding down here. It’s hard not to feel like summer has gone too quickly, but as I make my way through these photos, I see a lovely bouquet of blooms just coming into their late summer-early fall glory. Though the seasons are changing, there’s still plenty of beauty flowering in gardens and nature to feast our eyes on. They’re all in the mix this month. What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Features Editor

Liseann Karandisecky, Cheshire, Massachusetts

A few pictures from my hike on the Appalachian Trail with my husband and brother.

Topography of a mushroom

Ilona Sherratt, Cheshire, Massachusetts

Bugbane, aka Cimicifuga

Carolyn Eckert, Florence, Massachusetts


Debbie Surdam, Hoosick, New York

Bumblebee in flight over wild roses; taken in York, Maine
Butterfly Bush

MaryAnn Nรธbben, Norway

The Alchymist climbing rose — and it smells heavenly, which is why it's under the window of Irenebu that faces the manure cellar!
Ligularia Desdemona — a favorite of the bees.
Sedum — one of my rooftop bloomers.
Monarda didyma (I love the way that name rolls off the tongue!)

Caroline Spear, Stonington, Maine

Red velvet geranium in fog
Beach goldenrod
Sea lavender

Meaghan Weeden, Hinsdale, Massachusetts


Emily Spiegelman, Wendell, Massachusetts

We let our chives go to flower, and the bumblebees seem pretty happy about it. For full effect, see the Instagram video.
We haven’t spotted any monarchs this year, but the fritillaries are numerous, including this one with the tattered wing on our goldenrod.

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