Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bloom Day — July 2015

Storey staffers and friends share July garden scenes.

A lily in the garden of editor Hannah Fries
One of our regular Bloom Day contributors, MaryAnn Nรธbben, said in her email to me that it’s been a strange year in Norway. Here in New England, summer has gotten off to a rainy, humid-but-not-very-hot start. That hasn’t stopped the flowers, as you’ll see from this month’s Bloom Day post. Lilies in particular abound (and in case you weren’t aware, daylily buds are awfully tasty when stuffed with gorgonzola). What’s blooming where you are? — Emily Spiegelman, Digital Features Editor

Carleen Madigan, Loon Lake, New York

Container gardens galore!

Melinda Slaving, North Adams, Massachusetts

Bring on berry season! 

Anne Guest, North Adams, Massachusetts

Perennial garden of pinks and whites

Lisa Hiley, Williamstown, Massachusetts

The bouquet has day lilies, zinnias, daisies, gooseneck loosestrife,  and a bachelor button variety called Lemon Fluff.
I thought this one would be fun to include. It’s a centerpiece from my sister’s wedding. The geraniums didn’t bloom in time, so we added Gerbera daisies (they only lasted a day) and these lovely blossoms made from books that one of her friends made.

David Morrison, Lenox Dale, Massachusetts

Speaking of weddings, Storey’s marketing art director recently traveled to Fiji for his honeymoon, where he captured these photos of hibiscus (and a visitor).
Meanwhile (not to be outdone!) delphinium blooms at home.

Hannah Fries, Sandisfield, Massachusetts

Astilbe and aster
Coreopsis and friend
Queen Anne’s Lace

MaryAnn Nรธbben, Norway

Colors of summer
Apple blossoms on our Yellow Transparent wedding gift tree.
The flower of the Cloudberry — Filipendula Chamaemorus.  If you have them, or know where these are growing, it is a well kept secret in this country. They grow in boggy areas and are a real treat.

Much-needed rain on my Oriental Poppy
Dandelion fluff-bedecked Aquilegia

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts

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