Friday, August 29, 2014

Ilia Widman: Making College Food Less Boring

Dining hall days may be behind us at Storey, but they’re just beginning for the students arriving on college campuses around the country as we speak. 

Here’s one incoming freshman’s take on Priya Krishna’s imaginative spin on dining hall fare. 
Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks is an inspired guide to gourmet college food developed right at the the source — Dartmouth College’s dining hall. The recipes in this book are all doable, thoroughly (and happily) researched ways of making college food less boring. Ranging from Teriyaki Pasta to Chocolate Bread Pudding, Eggs Carbonara to Snow Cones, there is something here for everybody. Beyond the recipes themselves, author Priya Krishna litters the prefaces and directions with humor and personality so that, when you read it, you feel like you’re talking to a real human being. Krishna (though after reading the book I feel invited to call her by her first name) had fun creating it, and it shows. 
Matching the writing’s friendly, conversational tone is the book’s design. The recipes are organized by type of meal and color-coordinated in an aesthetically pleasing way. Each section is broken up with a “tree” that directs the reader to specific meals depending on what he or she wants to eat. All things considered, she has created an innovative mix-and-match guide that caters to readers’ different tastes. 
As a recent high school graduate, I can absolutely see using some of her imaginative tricks when I’m at college this fall. Four years of eating from one cafeteria is bound to become monotonous and I’m glad to have found a guide with some really great ideas. I think I’ll start with the Tzatziki Chicken Salad.
Ilia Widman is a recent high school graduate who will be attending Carleton College in the fall. 

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