Friday, May 2, 2014

Tip Your Cap: We Have a Homegrown Hot Dog Winner!

A few months ago, when we sat down to brainstorm ideas for our April giveaway, we started tossing out all the things the month makes us think of: an extra hour of daylight, starting seedlings for the garden, and oh, yeah: the end of Spring Training and the official start of baseball season! Naturally, this led us to thoughts of that quintessential ballpark food and Amanda Thomsen’s playful Chicago Hot-Dog Garden design in Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour.

Thus, our Homegrown Hot Dog Giveaway was born. We had fun with this one, and we hope our grand prize winner — Lise Bixler — will, too.

A little bit of the Windy City is en route to Lise in California, who will receive:
  • Seeds to grow a Chicago Hot-Dog Garden, including celery, onion, cucumber, dill, sport peppers (the only acceptable pepper for a Chicago hot dog, according to Amanda), tomato, and poppy (for the bun)
  • Original Cracker Jacks (that other ballpark staple)
  • A Whiffle ball & bat set
  • Four Storey titles with the how-to for making a homegrown take on the Chicago-style dog: Groundbreaking Food GardensBread Making: A Home Course, Homegrown Pork, and Home Sausage Making
Two lucky runners-up, Pamela Sagendorph of Massachusetts and Phil McCardle of Ohio, each receive a copy of Groundbreaking Food Gardens. Congrats to all, and happy gardening!

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