Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video: Roast a Pork Loin on a Spit with Paula Marcoux

This morning’s rude awakening — snow and ice after a 70° weekend! — hasn’t put a damper on our excitement for the impending release of Paula Marcoux’s new book, Cooking with Fire.

Paula’s unique background in archaeology and cooking make this book a mouth-watering marriage of how-to and history, with over 100 recipes for preparing everything from meat and fish to breads and beverages using that ancient and universal culinary technology — fire.

And, as Paula demonstrates in this new how-to video, cooking with live fire doesn’t have to involve complicated equipment or be confined to those times of year when it’s nice outside. With a proper, safe set up, you can roast a delicious pork loin over a backyard bed of coals or in your indoor hearth.



Download the recipe for Roast Pork Loin and look for Cooking with Fire to hit shelves in just a few short weeks!

Want more? Take a peek inside the pages:

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