Monday, April 21, 2014

“I Think It’s Turning Into a Hobby”: A Fan Letter from a Young Sewer

Last December, we asked authors Amie Petronis Plumley and Andria Lisle about hobbies. Both remarked that sharing their love of favorite pastimes with young people was a key inspiration behind Sewing School and Sewing School 2, their sewing books for kids. Recently, one fan whose passion for sewing has been ignited by the projects in Sewing School 2 put down her fabric scissors and picked up her pen. Andria Lisle introduces us to young sewing enthusiast, Savannah H.
Savannah H., with her Wall Pocket, one of the projects in Sewing School 2
Thanks to social media and the power of the Internet, Amie and I often get instant feedback on our Sewing School books, on the projects Amie posts on our Sewing School blog, and on our Facebook page. It’s gratifying to read the latest reviews, to get new “likes,” and to see uploaded pictures of kid-made projects. But — I’m going to sound like my mother here — there’s nothing like receiving a handwritten note sent through the post. And this month, Amie and I received our first-ever piece of bona fide fan mail, from ten-year-old Savannah H., who astutely remarked in her neat handwriting that she was “pretty sure that [we] didn’t get letters a lot (from kids).”

Our hearts melted, and we each sent individual responses to Savannah, who discussed the creative process of book writing, her plans to sew the eHold project from Sewing School 2, and more. This is why, after teaching kids how to sew during summer camp, we submitted our book proposal to Storey in the first place — so that kids around the world could learn, too. Here’s a look at Savannah’s letter and her latest sewing projects.

Andria Lisle
Memphis, Tennessee

Savannah and her eHold

Dear Amie and Andria,

I got your book Sewing School 2, and I would just like to say thanks! I love all the different projects, and I am sure it took a lot of writing, planning, and creative thinking. I love your ideas, and that book really helped give me confidence in sewing. I have my own sewing machine now, and I sew on it almost every day! I have been planning and saving up money to buy a mini Kindle, and I was flipping through your book, and then I’m like, “Oh look, there’s an eHold in here!” and I want to make that for when I get it! I love the little pocket and how it’s padded, and your instructions are super detailed, making it much easier to understand than most instructions. I have already made a couple things, and they are really cute and useful! I also like how you have answers in the back of the book explaining what to do when you are stuck or have a problem.

Savannah’s Secret Message Pillow and Stripy Quilt
Now I ♡ sewing. I think its turning into a hobby! And its all because of your book! I hope you like my letter. I tried to make it long because we were pretty sure that you didn’t get letters a lot (from kids). If you have any more ideas, maybe you could make a Sewing School Three!! Thank you soooo much!

Best wishes,

Savannah H.

P.S. I love the patterns in the back of the book! Super useful!!
Sewer and letter-writer Savannah models her eHold (and an excellent T-shirt)
Thanks to Savannah H. for her letter and photos, and to her mom for giving us permission to share! Happy sewing!

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