Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mother Earth News Fair: Kansas!

This Saturday and Sunday, the Mother Earth News Fair comes to Lawrence, Kansas! If you’re attending, don’t miss Storey authors Temple Grandin, Barbara Pleasant, Rosemary Gladstar, Ann Larkin Hansen, Glenn Drowns, and Sherri Brooks Vinton. Find a schedule of presentations and book signings below. See you at the Fair!


Saturday, October 12

Glenn Drowns: Poultry 101 (American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Stage)
Ann Larkin Hansen: Electric Fencing Essentials (GRIT Stage)
Barbara Pleasant: Getting Started in Organic Vegetable Gardening (Organic Gardening Stage)

Eliot Coleman: Nothing is Impossible (Mother Earth News Stage)
Ann Larkin Hansen: Organic Farming 101 (GRIT Stage)
Barbara Pleasant: Managing Your Homegrown Food Supply (Seed Stage)

Rosemary Gladstar: Herbs for Family Health (Mother Earth News Stage)

Rosemary Gladstar: Herbs for Longevity and Well-Being (Mother Earth Living Stage)
Sherri Brooks Vinton: Preserving — Put ’em Up! Fruit: Creative Ways to Put ’em Up!, Tasty Ways to Use ’em Up! (Real Food Stage)

Sherri Brooks Vinton: Put ’em Up! The ways and whys of home food preservation (Mother Earth News Stage)

Sunday, October 13

Glenn Drowns: Poultry Basics for Youth (Kids’ Treehouse Stage)
Barbara Pleasant: Organic Gardening for Newbies — Avoiding Beginner Mistakes (Organic Gardening Stage)

Temple Grandin: Improving Animal Welfare: A practical approach (Mother Earth News Stage)

Ann Larkin Hansen: Finding Good Farmland (GRIT stage)
Rosemary Gladstar: Herbs for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: Chasing the Blues Away (Mother Earth Living Stage)

Barbara Pleasant: Compost Your Way to Better Soil (GRIT Stage)

Book Signings at the Mother Earth News Bookstore 

Saturday 11-11:30am 
Glenn Drowns

Saturday 2-2:30pm
Eliot Coleman and Ann Larkin Hansen

Saturday 6:30-7pm 
Sherri Brooks Vinton

Sunday 11-11:30am
Barbara Pleasant

Sunday 12:30-1pm
Temple Grandin

Sunday 2-2:30pm
Rosemary Gladstar

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