Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bloom Day: August 2013

Sunny days, cooler nights, vibrant colors.

Our summer in Storey country has been a rainy one. Lately the weather has begun to take a turn for the better. The sun is shining more often than not, the evening temperatures have been dipping into the 50s and 60s — perfect for sleeping — and because of the wetter-than-normal conditions, the landscape is still glowing bright and green and the flowers are almost electric!

Maribeth Casey, Williamstown, Massachusetts:


Yellow cosmos

American cranberry bush

Black-eyed Susans

Sweet potato vine and purple verbena


Emily Spiegelman, Wendell, Massachusetts:

Ace Summer Sunset dahlia 

American Dawn dahlia

Seattle dahlia

MaryAnn Nรธbben, Skammestein, Norway:

Not so much blooms as creating new spaces this time around — maybe it'll look better by next Bloom Day!  Here's hoping.

New garden spaces and a future small lawn

New plants to put in the new spaces: heucheras, low spreading geraniums, Ligularia ‘Desdemona’, crocus, and allium bulbs.

Cabin bed with red and yellow yarrow, blue flax, and
pink and white something for which I can't remember the name!

A crowded mass waiting to be divided and put into the new spaces

Not actually flowering, thank heaven, but a very successful raised salad garden
and a pot of dill in the foreground. Have had lovely fresh salads all summer,
and these will last until the frosts arrive (a good while yet, I’m hoping!!).


Anonymous said...

That salad bed is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That salad bed is beautiful!