Monday, July 15, 2013

Bloom Day: July 2013

Summer in the Northeast thus far has been one soggy mess. Our garden hoses have stayed neatly coiled up on the reel, the landscape has never been greener, the mosquitoes are overly abundant, and the birds and bats are getting fat from the surplus of bugs.

The rain has finally stopped. Okay, I’m being optimistic — we are only on our second rain-free day, and the humidity is still very high. The heavy moisture in the air doubled with high temperatures is a bit uncomfortable and could possibly result in an afternoon thundershower. Regardless of our ill feelings about the weather, the flowers are happily in bloom.

Here’s a look at what is blooming in our yards and those of a few of our friends from afar:

Gwen Steege, Williamstown, Massachusetts:

Hydrangea, clematis, feverfew, and bee balm


Nicotiana and roses

Pink hydrangeas and nicotiana

Lisa Hiley, Williamstown, Massachusetts:



Shasta daisies, coneflowers, and bulrushes

Deb Burns, Williamstown, Massachusetts:

Bumblebees in the lavender

Zan Davies, North Adams, Massachusetts:

MaryAnn Nรธbben, Skammestein, Norway:

Things are still somewhat cool here — in the 60s and low 70s — but good weather to work outside.

 Rubus Arcticus (Arctic raspberry) and geranium

Creeping thymes

Trollius and Echinacea purpurea

My new bed in front of my new cabin (guest room/garden room) —
two colors of achillea, coreopsis, and a blue flax not quite out yet.

Polemonium (Jacob's Ladder), which smells heavenly,
and I've encouraged to to spread

Heuchera — coral bells

White yarrow, poppies, geraniums, and Jacob’s ladder

These are in the “garden” at Skalet, our other farm:
monkshood, which is actually a weed here, but it looked
so nice with the Bitihorn mountain in the background.

Debra Burch, Miami, Florida:

Debra is the sister-in-law of Storeyite Caroline Burch and her sister Mary Ann Nรธbben, who has been sending in blooms from Norway. These photographic flowers are blossoming in her Miami backyard.

A hybrid daylily in its first year

Dendrobium hybrid orchid

Deborah Schneer, North Adams, Massachusetts:

Deborah is the sister-in-law of Storeyite Deb Burns and a local photographer. This photo was taken in her North Adams’ garden.

Taken this morning during breakfast on our front porch.

Cindy McFarland, Williamstown, Massachusetts:

The back garden has much in bloom — echinacea (some of the new Cheyenne Spirit), daylilies, zinnias, nasturtiums, daisies, and more.

The front garden shows a new red gallardia from Johnny's seeds. 

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