Friday, May 10, 2013

Virginia is for Food Lovers

The Hampton Roads Show featured Dishing Up Virginia author Patrick Evans-Hylton on Tuesday’s Taste.

Patrick announced winning chefs and dishes of several local (to Virginia) food competitions, including Sysco’s Food Show Chopped Competition and American Culinary Federation Tidewater Chapter’s Student Culinary Showdown. He also highlighted a few new and rebounding restaurants in the Virginia Beach area. And he talked about his new cookbook, Dishing Up® Virginia!

He called Dishing Up® Virginia a “3-year labor of love” and his “love letter to Virginia.” He went on to say that the book and the recipes within cover both the contemporary and traditional foods of Virginia as well as the culinary history of the Commonwealth.

Dishing Up® Virginia is part of Storey’s Dishing Up® Series. To toot our horn a bit, I have to admit that I love all of these cookbooks — they are by far my favorite recipe books! Each one features fresh, local ingredients. While the recipes and ingredients have close ties to the named state, you don’t need to live in the area to make the recipes. If you cannot find a specific ingredient, substitute a similar ingredient local to you (or — hush, hush — store-bought from areas afar). From appetizers to salads to entrees to desserts, from elegant to rustic — all the recipes are equally delicious.

If you enjoy cooking, pick up one of these cookbooks and invite some guests, or treat yourself to a five-star, home-cooked meal made with fresh ingredients to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

P.S. The best part? You can dine on your five-star meal in sweatpants and your favorite old T-shirt, and no one would be the wiser — truly a delight to be had!

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