Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Is for Farmers

Henhouse at Hancock Shaker Village. 
Photograph taken April 20, 2013, by Kristy Rustay.

A new month has begun, spring is in full swing, and Storey is celebrating farming!

We’ve dedicated the month of May to those who farm — life-long farmers and beginners alike. Many of our authors are hands-on, hardworking farmers. Like you, some are just starting out while others have been growing, raising, and working the land for most of their lives. Whether you have a small backyard farm or you produce food for local or far-reaching populations, our authors have tips, information, and knowledge that will help you grow your knowledge, skills, and business.

All month long, we’ll be posting farming know-how here on InsideStorey. We’re also running a fantastic contest — The Farming 101 Giveaway — with a grand prize valued at more than $475! The contest deadline is May 15, 2013, so click this link for details and enter today!

This month, Storey’s Fresh Picks, our ebook farmstand, has a harvest of farm-related ebooks — at $2.99 each! In this hand-picked selection, real farmers share their practical knowledge to help you grow your farming skills. May’s picks are The Backyard Goat, Barnheart, Finding Good Farmland, Greenhorns, and Staring & Running Your Own Small Farm Business. We also have a FREE download of The Best Fences.

For more farming information from Storey, check out our newsletter, The Short Storey for May: Farming

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