Friday, May 10, 2013

Ali Berlow: A Portrait That Makes a Mama Proud

Photograph by Elizabeth Cecil

This photo is of my youngest son, Eli, taken on his friend Oscar Thompson’s farm in Vineyard Haven. It was a day last summer that these two teenagers (who met in preschool) came together to humanely slaughter Oscar’s flock of broilers, using Island Grown Initiative’s Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer (IGI’s MPPT).

This portrait makes this mama and papa so proud . . . feathers, blood, bird, boy.

— Ali Berlow, Author of Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse

Consumers are hungry for fresh, locally raised poultry, but small-scale chicken farmers often find themselves with few good slaughtering options. Community and food activist Ali Berlow provides a solution, demonstrating how to bring a modular, affordable slaughtering facility right to the farm.

Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse is a first of its kind. If you are raising poultry for meat and lack easy access to a humane, local slaughterhouse, a mobile slaughter and processing unit may be what you need. This guide shows you how to put together a unit that accommodates any type of poultry and can be moved from farm to farm. It can be funded, built, and used by a community of farmers, or you can develop one yourself and use it as part of a business. This book covers the mechanics of constructing the unit, government regulations, the permitting process, sanitation, safety, and more. It also includes 16 recipes for cooking chickens after they’ve been processed.

Available June 2013!

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