Monday, April 29, 2013

Paula Manalo Gasko: A Farmer’s To-Do List for a Typical Day in Spring

Paula Manalo Gasko is a farmer in Northern California. She gives us a glimpse into a typical spring day on her organic farm.

Paula Manalo Gaska, Adam Gaska, and
their dog Artemis at the home ranch
Photograph © Mendocino Organics

Mendocino Organics To-Do List for a Typical Day in Spring:

  • Check the chickens
  • Feed the kid goats
  • Grind more triticale for pig feed
  • Feed pigs, check their water
  • Check bank account online
  • Check PO box
  • Enter new CSA member on Member Assembler
  • Upload photos from Saturday’s CSA Open House
  • Check/water the propagation greenhouse
  • Start 3,000 peppers and 960 cucumbers
  • Irrigate Section A.1. of the Coyote Field
  • Irrigate Field F at 3WG
  • Mow cover crop in Field B and perimeters of hay and veg fields at 3WG
  • Herd sheep out of the rangeland; grab three ewes for the Buckeye Gathering folks
Paula Manalo Gasko comanages Mendocino Organics, a biodynamic farm in Northern California. She is a founding member of Greenhorns and is on the board of directors of the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association. After working as a natural resources economist, Manalo found her true calling: to grow food, steward the land, and motivate other young people to farm. She is one of the editors of Greenhorns.

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