Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pam Art: Storey Elves

Around this time every year, normal, everyday Storey employees start to act and feel a lot like elves. That’s because our community has an "elf program" that connects the dots between those that need a little help with holiday shopping and those that want to give that help.

The first wrapped gift from a Storey elf. The rest will be
wrapped on Wednesday at our annual gift-wrapping luncheon.

We feel so fortunate at Storey to have jobs and a company that cares about the needs of the community where we live and work. Part of that caring is looking for ways to give back. Becoming elves means we are given the names and ages of children who wouldn’t have such a happy holiday without our help. We buy and make things for them, get together to wrap up the gifts, and deliver the wrapped presents to a spot where Santa can find them and take them the rest of the way by sleigh. We also collect food in our reception areas and deliver that as well.

We have two stations set up in our offices to collect
non-perishable food items for our community kitchens.

It would be great if elves weren’t needed, but as long as they are, we are having fun and doing something that we feel good about.

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