Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays from Storey Publishing!

Sewing, printmaking, bookmaking, and breathing: all are of equal importance if you ask me. I have been crafting my whole life – as soon as I was able to hold a needle in one hand and an embroidery hoop in the other, I was golden. So, when I was asked to embroider the design for Storey’s annual holiday card I couldn’t wait to get started. We (the marketing team here at Storey) decided the card should be text-based but were stumped as to what it should say. The rest of the Storey team was invited to submit ideas, and we received some great ones, including a few sketches! A big thank you to Jess Richard for submitting the winning idea! I got to work right away and decided to document the card’s progress. We photographed each piece and printed it onto the card. The end result was an absolute joy to make.

Have a look!

And Happy Holidays!

— Hayley Parker, Marketing Designer for Storey

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