Thursday, October 25, 2012

Seed Saving Workshop in Western Massachusetts

Hello, gardening friends,
There is a great event in Cummington you might be interested in . . .

The Hilltown Seed Saving Network
First Annual Seed Exchange

Saturday, November 17, 2012
1:00 to 4:30 PM
Cummington Community House
33 Main Street, Cummington, MA
Suggested donation: sliding scale $5 - $10
This is your chance to meet CR Lawn, the Maine guru of heirloom varieties!

The ripe lily seeds are dry and separate easily from the pods.
Excerpted from The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds.
Photograph by © Rosemary Kautzky

The Hilltown Seed Saving Network is pleased to announce its first annual Seed Exchange. Learn to save your own garden seed, get answers to your seed saving questions, and exchange seed that you've saved with your friends and neighbors!

The Seed Exchange will take place on Saturday, November 17th from 1:00 to 4:30pm at the Cummington Community House, 33 Main Street, Cummington, Mass. Suggested donation: sliding scale $5 - $10.

For more information, visit, or contact Michael at 413-358-6919 or
Schedule of Events
Times are approximate. In between events, there will be time for people to exchange ideas with friends and neighbors who are saving garden seed, browse a selection of free seeds, and learn more about related projects such as the Heritage Grain Conservancy.

1:00 PM - Welcome from Ed Stockman, biologist, organic farmer, and activist with the Hilltown Non-GMO Working Group

1:30 PM - Seed saving workshop with Tevis Roberston-Goldberg of Crabapple Farm, an organic farm in Chesterfield. The workshop will be aimed at beginners, but will include new material not covered in Tevis’s June 30th workshop. Tevis is an experienced and knowledgeable seed-saver, whose farm operations include producing seed commercially for Fedco Seeds.

3:30 PM - Panel discussion and seed-saving Q&A session. This is your chance to get answers to all your seed saving questions from a panel of experts! We will also consider the importance of seed saving efforts in the Hilltowns in the context of regional seed production and food security issues. We are privileged to be joined for this discussion by CR Lawn of Fedco Seeds and Eli Rogosa of the Heritage Grain Conservancy.
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