Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bloom Day: October 2012

The blossoming season has come to an end for most of us. It is mid October, and a few hardy bloomers are still gracing some yards and landscapes, but they are few and far between — no one at Storey had any blossoms to submit to this post! However, two of our friends did. Here is what MaryAnn and Sara found still blooming:

MaryAnn Nรธbben, Skammestein, Norway:

The last of my courageous bloomers. We've had some very cold weather and on Sunday our first settling snow. Time to take in the potted plants and dream of things to be done when Spring returns, looking forward to new seed catalogs and new gardening gloves. It’s been a good summer.

The last of the brave calendula on my gardenshed roof.

Red yarrow, a gift from a friend in England.

The ever faithful Iceland poppies.

Evening primrose, a bright spot under the snow gray skies.

My favorite viola.

Sara Bonthuis, Bennington, Vermont:

This photo was taken along the George Aiken Wildflower Trail at the Bennington Museum.

Eupatorium sp. which is in the Aster family. It is commonly referred to as boneset or snakeroot.

This will be our last bloom day post for 2012. Enjoy your winter — get outside and embrace the snow! 

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