Monday, July 16, 2012

The Perfect Pair Winners

We have selected the winners of our

“Ooh, that sounds amazing; I want to try it!”
(a.k.a. our favorite pair)
Young’s Double Luxury Chocolate Stout
a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Submitted by Heather

“Really!? I’d have to try it to believe it,
but I’m not sure that I want to.”
(a.k.a. the most bizarre pair)
Mini-Michelobs and fudge
Submitted by Shelia

Randomly chosen
American Pale Wheat Ale and a blue cheese burger
Submitted by Jennifer Mackenzie

If you are a winner, please e-mail your mailing address to
(so we can send you your books)


I love beer and food, and what I love even more is beer that pairs well with great food. I thought I would share the other beer and food pairings that were submitted.
  • Home-brewed espresso stout with vanilla ice cream
  • Oktoberfest with a spicy bowl of chili
  • Redhook ESB with fried calamari tentacles served with spicy tartar sauce
  • BBC Steel Rail (or other light- to medium-bodied beer) with beer-battered cod or haddock served with tartar sauce
  • Mac & Jacks African Amber paired with a juicy burger
  • [My husband’s] Amazing homebrew with a Mexican-inspired meal featuring some nice spice
  • A good chocolate oatmeal stout with BBQ ribs and potatoes
  • Rogue Dead Guy and a burger
  • Lagunitas Hop Stoopid (Dbl IPA) with spicy popcorn shrimp and chipotle aioli
If you still want to share, we would love to hear your fave food-and-beer pair. Feel free to comment below.

Cheers (with a big, cold, frosty mug), and congrats to our winners!

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