Monday, July 2, 2012

A Pair for Pairing the Perfect Brew Giveaway

Did you know that spicy grilled ribs go best with a pilsner or a Belgian-style dubbel? Or that a bock would complement garlic grilled clams with Caribbean hot sauce? Don’t stop there. Beer isn’t just for the main course: A spicy saison is the perfect counterpart to a spicy shrimp appetizer, a hoppy IPA is ideal with a supersweet cheesecake, and an imperial stout goes beautifully with a rich chocolate cake. This great pair of books has the recipes and the advice you need to pair your cookout faves with the perfect brew.
How to Enter:
The prize includes:
  • The print editions of Tasting Beer and Hot Sauce! — two books total.
  • Books will be shipped free of charge.
  • A mailing address will be required for delivery. We will not save, sell, or use this address for any other purpose.


Heather said...

Not sure if this counts, but i love adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to Young's Double Luxury Chocolate Stout. Thanks for the chance!

Sheila said...

This made me recall a teenage/college-age idea in my family. Every summer our family would rent a cottage in Bethany Beach, Delaware for a few weeks. An evening tradition was sitting on the front porch overlooking the beach with mini-Michelobs and fudge from the boardwalk. In our defense, this was the seventies and we were young. Put it in the “Really!? I’d have to try it to believe it, but I’m not sure that I want to.” category, tho we did use to joke about starting a beer and fudge shop on the boardwalk.

Nowadays I'm boring. I love a Rogue Dead Guy with my burger.

Missa said...

We had a whole party around adult root beer floats. We used a home brewed espresso stout and vanilla ice cream. It was a huge hit!

Nicole said...

I'll go for an Oktoberfest with a spicy bowl of Chili - yum!

Leslie said...

My favorite: fried calamari tentacles served with spicy tartar sauce, and a Red Hook ESB to drink.

Laurie said...

I guess this is all wrapped into one item, but I loove beer battered cod or haddock -anything light and flaky paired with a flavorful, but light to medium bodied beer like BBC Steel Rail. Of course save a beer to enjoy when your fish is ready and serve it up with some homemade tartar sauce!!

Our Creative Day said...

Mac and Jacks African Amber is by far my favorite -- paired with a juicey burger, makes for a great night out!

At home, my husband's amazing homebrew -- he makes a mean beer! Along with a Mexican inspired meal featuring some nice spice. A great nice in!

Anonymous said...

We have selected the winners of our
A Pair for Pairing the Perfect Brew Giveaway

“Ooh, that sounds amazing, I want to try it!”
(AKA, our favorite pair)
Young’s Double Luxury Chocolate Stout
with a scoop of vanilla ice cream
Submitted by Heather

“Really!? I’d have to try it to believe it,
but I’m not sure that I want to.”
(AKA, the most bizarre pair)
Mini-Michelobs and fudge
Submitted by Shelia

Randomly chosen
American Pale Wheat Ale and a blue cheese burger
Submitted by Jennifer Mackenzie

If you are a winner, please email your mailing address to
(so we can send you your books)