Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blight Is Back — Protect Your Plants

Our garden experts at Storey sent out an e-mail warning yesterday:

“Word in the Extension Service grapevine is that late blight has been found on tomatoes in Eastern Mass. If you want to protect your tomatoes and potatoes before it reaches your garden, there are two organic preventative products you can use: copper sulfate or Serenade (Bacillus subtilis). These are the only organic options for dealing with late blight, and they must be applied before the blight appears.”

Late blight affects tomato plants, potato plants, and eggplant. For information about late blight, tips on prevention, and how to use the organic prevention products go to

I have a garden full of tomatoes and potatoes, more than I have ever planted before. It would be devastating if blight struck in my yard. I experienced blight back in 2009, and it was so frustrating to see all my beautiful plants and hard work get tossed into a big trash bag. I just ordered the copper sulfate — crossing my fingers it gets here in time and that I am able to protect my crops!

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Anonymous said...

I have one tomato plant this year and it's in a container. It's been so much fun to watch it grow noticeably from morning to night. I would hate to lose even the one plant, so I was very happy when Carleen offered to spray it with the magic stuff. Fingers crossed that my plant (and everyone else's) avoids the late blight this year.