Monday, June 11, 2012

The Sewing World Is Going Improv!

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Improv Sewing authors Nicole Blum and Debra Immergut at Book Expo America in New York City! First, Nicole and Debra came to the Storey booth, where they had a line of people wrapped around the corner waiting to meet them and get their own signed copy of Improv Sewing! Next, we went over to the main autographing area, where the line of eager sewers was never ending! It was so interesting to hear from people at all different stages in their sewing lives, from young people who are just getting started to people who used to sew a lot but have had their machines tucked in their closets collecting dust and need a fresh start.

For the next few weeks, we have invited our favorite craft bloggers to share some projects from Improv Sewing, show what they’ve made, inspire us with their own improv techniques, ask questions of Nicole and Debra, and give away copies of Improv Sewing to their readers! Below please find the schedule for the next few weeks of posts included in the Improv Sewing blog tour. Be sure to like us on Facebook to get updated with new blog posts and additions to the tour!

Improv Sewing Blog Tour Schedule

June 11:

June 13th:

June 19th:

June 21st:

June 27th:

June 29th:

July 10th:

And for a sneak peek into the world of Improv Sewing, you can watch this awesome trailer video:

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