Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Green Thumbs and Helping Hands

On Friday we received terrible news: Someone stole all the plants that our local community garden received at the May 19 seedling swap at MASS Moca (sponsored by Storey Publishing and Hoosac Harvest).

The goal of Hoosac Harvest and the community gardens is to give residents of all income levels access to sustainably raised, locally grown food.

In addition to Storey’s sponsorship of the event, several of the seedlings were donated by the Storey gardening group along with other employees. This sad news really came as a blow to us.

Once Ilona Sherratt and Carleen Madigan caught wind of the thievery, Ilona sent an e-mail to all Storey employees:
The community gardening project received a bunch of plants from the swap a couple of weeks ago, and they were planning to put them in tomorrow.


[We] are going to pass the hat and run to the greenhouse and buy them some replacement plants today at noon.

Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated, I'm sure.

Many Storeyites chipped in, and Ilona and Carleen headed to the local greenhouse.

A second e-mail was sent later in the day:
Carleen and I [Ilona] just purchased 4 flats worth of veggie and herb plants (over 100 plants) with the money we all donated.

Caroline also brought in some extra kale plants.

We were able to supply enough plants to fill the community garden plot! Good deeds make the world go ’round.

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