Friday, June 15, 2012

Father’s Day Book Bundle Giveaway

Father’s Day is only a few days away, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably still searching for the best gift idea for Dad. Well, this year we’ve decided that limiting Dad to one or two gifts is just wrong, so we’ve decided to spread the love with our Father’s Day book bundle giveaway. These four titles are sure to please any dad, new or old.

Hot Sauce! by Jennifer Trainer Thompson will help Dad put
a new spin on everything culinary from barbecuing to cocktail ideas.
There are great recipes for making hot sauces from scratch, fun hot sauce
stories, and ideas for starting your very own hot sauce business.

Woodworking FAQ by Spike Carlsen will answer
all the questions Dad has regarding woodworking,
from types of glue to use to the best saw to buy.

And what's the sense of having a woodworking book
if there's nothing to build? With PlyDesign by Phil Schmidt,
your dad will be blown away with the amount of projects
he can make with plywood! There are projects for everything
from tables to lights and chairs to shelves.

Finally, with all the hard work that your dad has put
into building projects and barbecuing, he'll need a nice cold beer
to help relax. With Dave Miller's Homebrewing Guide, Dad will be
able to enjoy his favorite types of beers without ever leaving the house.
And to top it off, we’ve included two Storey Publishing pint glasses
for you and Dad to toast all he does for you!

Enter to Win

To enter to win our Father’s Day book bundle giveaway, simply comment on this blog post and tell us what makes your dad the best dad around! To get an extra entry to the giveaway, “like” us on Facebook.


BrittanyM said...

My dad is the best dad ever. He has always been there for me and we are still very close. He was the one person I could talk to about everything, and we have so much in common. I defiantly get a lot of my traits from him and I'm glad I do :)
Thank you for this giveaway!

BrittanyM said...

I already like you on facebook.
Brittany H

Brooke said...

My Dad is the best ever, because he taught me how to be silly and responsible at the same time, how to work hard and enjoy life! If I ever need a laugh I call my dad he can always get me to see the bright side of things!!

Anonymous said...

My husband is the best dad because he teaches our kids life skills by example. They know what's important because their daddy makes them a priority!

Anonymous said...

I already like you on FB too!

Heather said...

My dad is an amazing man who is always thinking of others before himself. A jack of all trades, he has come to my rescue many times with plumbing issues, car repair and even just as a shoulder to cry on. My dad is very talented in mechanics and carpentry and recently helped me build a chicken coop out of scrap wood for my flock of 6. He has not only taught me how to grow a garden and ride a bike, he has taught me to be a hard working, caring and resilient young woman, and has also been a tremendous friend and a real hero.
I love you dad! Though I don't have nearly enough to give you to show my appreciation, I hope my kind words and hugs reach you on your special day. :)

Anonymous said...

Like many of my generation (I am 57), I did not appreciate my parents when I was younger. My mother died in an accident before I became mature enough to realize what they had done for me and my siblings. Fortunately, my father survived until the early 90s, and I came to have a better relationship with him as an adult. He was a farmhand during my early years, and later I can remember him getting off of his day job and driving 25 miles to work an evening shift in another town. Even during his leisure time he liked to keep busy and did not retire until doctors told him he had to. He was truly a member of the "greatest generation" having lived during the depression and serving in Europe during the Second World War. I am thankful I came to know and appreciate who he was before he was gone.

Unknown said...

My dad turned 81 this year. He is a cancer survivor of 23 years. He's been through a lot and is a good sport through it all. He's really happy to still be with us and celebrating yet another Father's Day :)

Daniel M said...

great sense of humor and always helping everyone out! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

Lisa said...

My dad is the best dad ever because he stays away. He was unreliable, dismissive and if he cared a little bit more I'd call him abusive. Instead he just didn't seem to want to put that much effort into it. Luckily I married a man that is the opposite of my best dad ever.

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

My Dad is a wonderful role model and deeply caring man. He possesses qualities rarely exhibited by others. I think the world of him...

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

Eli said...

My Dad works hard at everything he does. He actually works four jobs in addition to being a volunteer 4-H leader for me, my brother and 22 other kids. He grows plants to sell at our farmers market, he is a writer for a local newspaper, he works two days a week as a retail auditor and he has been a mobile DJ since 1979. He would really enjoy the books that you are giving away, so I hope I can win them for him. -Eli

Nathaniel Griffin said...

"My dad."
Written by a thirty-three year old man with a child of his own.

The most unexpected thing happened when I typed out the above, two-word title. I started to cry. A little bit happy cry and a little bit sad cry. Why? Because it's taken me thirty plus years to write them. Thinking back on every in-school writing assignment, I don't think I ever picked my dad as a topic and I probably should have. He's a good man and in the last 30-something years become a good friend.

I was the kid with the lemonade stand, the "greeting card business" founded on doodled construction paper cards sold to family members, the dream of building and selling go-karts out of scrap lumber with wooden dowels for axles or knowing I could talk to animals. I was the kid who was picked on for 'being different' and being chubby. Through it all, my dad was there to let me fail, hope for my success and encourage me to keep trying when things (like my go kart with wooden axles) didn't go as planned, and to teach me the importance of humility and vulnerability.

That's MY dad. Sure do love that old man.

Anonymous said...

The Radishgirl Thymes, you won!

Please email your full name and mailing address to: and we'll mail you your books.

I hope you all had a great Fathers Day.

As always, check back for new giveaways and contests!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much!