Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sue Weaver, Livestock and Animal Expert, Will Answer Your Questions

Sue Weaver has been writing books for Storey Publishing since 2007 and blog posts for InsideStorey since 2009. She is a wealth of knowledge on raising animals, and she’s a great writer to boot.

I look forward to each new post from Sue — I am always moved by them. Her posts have enlightened and informed me, they have brought me close to tears, they have made me smile — even laugh out loud, and they have made me fall in love (she has some very adorable pets!).

Baby Sam (June 2010)

Her goats have more personality than some people, and her sheep produce the most adorable lambs (see this year’s new arrivals). Sue has taken in a stray pig, she has raised chickens in her house, and she knows more about goat history than any person should. Sue even wrote a post about milking moose! If you have a question about an animal, Sue most likely has an answer.

Mischievous goats

In early April one of our blog readers posted a comment on Sue’s post Having a Cow. She needed advice on how to train an “unpredictable” and hard-to-handle steer. She and a friend of hers went to great lengths to save him from the slaughterhouse, and she needed to make Egbert trustworthy or find him a new place to live.

Sue responded with brilliant advice.

There are so many people who raise animals — some raise them as pets, others for self-sustainability and for the market. Some have been caring for livestock for years, while others are new to raising animals. Regardless of years and experience, new situations arise, and there are questions that need answers. The goal is always the same — to raise happy, healthy animals.

If you have a question about training, raising, caring for, or the behavior of your cow, donkey, sheep, goat, pig, chicken, or any other pet/livestock animal, Sue wants to help. Post your questions in the comments section, and she will answer you in a blog post.

Sue Weaver sold her first freelance article in 1969. Since then her work has appeared in major horse periodicals, including the Western Horseman, Horse Illustrated, Chronicle of the Horse, Flying Changes, Horseman’s Market, Arabian Horse Times, the Appaloosa News, the Quarter Horse Journal, Horse’N Around, and the Brayer. She has written, among other books, Storey’s Guide to Raising Miniature Livestock, The Donkey Companion, and The Backyard Goat. Sue is based in the southern Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Read Sue’s blog: Dreamgoat Annie


Anonymous said...

I am moving from the west coast to the east coast and am (of course) bringing my four pygmy goats with me. They are still kids--about four months old. I will be transporting them in the back of my SUV. Do you have any tips on traveling with goats? I know goats hate change, and I am very worried that stress from the trip will make them sick. Is it better to do the road-trip as quickly as possible, or is it better to stop midway for a few days or even a week to let them recover a little before finishing the trip? I want to do everything possible to make this a good trip for them.

Sue Weaver said...

Thanks for your comment! My reply will be posted on Friday. If you'd like to see it in the meantime, email me at ozarkgoattrek@gmail.com