Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chad Kelly — West Austin Studio Tour a Success!

Last weekend Chad Kelly, a contributing designer to PlyDesign, participated in the West Austin Studio Tour (Austin, Texas). He sent us a cool pic of his studio and commented on the event.

It was great. I got the BLADs* and had them by the door when people walked in, along with the book sitting on the console that was in the book. I got a lot of questions about PlyDesign — what it was about, how I ended up with things in the book, etc., etc., etc. Quite a few people took the BLADs and some business cards, so it all seemed positive! I guess time will tell, right? I mean, no one woke up this morning and called me right away to make ’em something, but maybe soon!

*Book layout and design: a printed marketing piece put together by Storey’s marketing design department to show a sampling of the book's content.

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