Monday, March 12, 2012

What Makes for a Happy Chicken? Find out on
The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour!

Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs is the credo of today’s blogger, 15-year-old chicken keeper Orren Fox. He may be young, but Orren has been keeping chickens (and now ducks and bees as well) for more than six years. From what he's learned, Orren picked five essential needs for keeping a flock happy:
You may ask “what is a happy chicken?” while there isn’t a specific entry for “Happy Chickens” in The Chicken Encyclopedia, I think these five entries are the must haves; light, food, fencing, pasture, water.
Are you maximizing the happiness of your birds? Check out Orren’s discussion of these five essentials on his blog, Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs, and while you’re there, enter to win a copy of Gail Damerow’s The Chicken Encyclopedia.

And come back tomorrow to continue The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour!

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