Thursday, March 8, 2012

Learn How Gail Damerow Improves her Hens' Egg Yolks on The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour

All you chicken-raisers out there – did you know that feeding your hens certain foods can impact the color and texture of their egg yolks? Today’s The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour blogger, Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily, touched on this subject in her Q & A with author and chicken expert Gail Damerow:
FED: I have read that marigold flowers make egg yolks more vibrant. Is there any other way to improve the vibrancy and color of our egg yolks?

GD: Let the hens forage, or feed them a little alfalfa. I raise dairy goats as well as chickens, and when we have a surplus of milk I mix fines (bits of alfalfa leaves that filter to the bottom of the hay feeder) with milk, let it set overnight, and feed it in the morning. It provides both green feed for lovely yolks and fermented milk/yogurt for good health, and the hens mob me when they see me coming with the bucket.
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