Friday, March 2, 2012

First Stop on The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour: Introductory Q & A with Gail Damerow

The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour is here! Our first stop on the tour takes us to Scott Duncan's For the Love of Chickens blog for an introductory question and answer session with chicken expert (and author!) Gail Damerow.

In his post, Scott asks Gail questions such as how she first became interested in chickens, which breeds she likes best, which breeds she currently raises, what kinds of disease and predators she's had to deal with, and how she got started writing about chickens.

Perhaps our favorite question was the following:
Q: Would you like to share a couple of the special memories you have of remarkable chickens you've raised?

A: We once had a rooster that would run up the driveway to meet us at chore time and walk us to the coop with a lot of vocalizations that sounded so much like he was relating the latest news. He always brightened our day.
We can totally visualize Gail walking down the driveway with a chatty rooster keeping her up to date on all the latest coop gossip!  

For all Scott's questions and all Gail's answers - and a chance to win a free copy of The Chicken Encyclopedia - click on through over to For the Love of Chickens!

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Ann said...

Did your rooster have a name? When I was young, I gave all my chickens names