Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour Kicks Off Tomorrow!

Please join Storey Publishing and chicken bloggers from across the web as we celebrate the release of chicken expert Gail Damerow’s new book, The Chicken Encyclopedia.

In his review for Backyard Poultry Magazine, Jd Belanger wrote, “Chickens. Encyclopedia. Gail Damerow. What more needs to be said?” And while we wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment, we’re readers, writers, and bloggers — we can always find more to say!

As, in fact, did Jd:
Reviewing an encyclopedia is somewhat akin to reviewing a telephone directory (“lousy plot, but a great cast of characters”). What really impressed me is that even though I’ve been involved with chickens most of my life, this book told me about things I’d never heard of: draggy hatch, gait scoring, Manx Rumpy, bilateral gynandromorph.

And then there’s the stuff I used to know but forgot: wind egg, spike, kinky back, popeye.

I can think of three excellent uses for this book.

First and most obviously, it’s a reference work non pareil: anything you want to know about chickens is either included here or it’s probably not worth knowing.

Second, it could function as an awesome textbook: read it through and you’ll get an education in chickenology unlike any found in a “how-to” type of book.

And third, just flip through it and savor the wonderful world of poultry as seen in a flow of fascinating facts: fowl pox, frazzle, free choice, free range, free roaming, Frizzle, frostbite, frosting, frye. . . .

I love books, but don’t consider very many of them essential. For the serious poultry raiser, this one is indispensable.
We hope you follow along with the tour as a different blogger each day relates personal chicken experiences and what he or she has learned from The Chicken Encyclopedia. Every morning, we’ll post a couple of sentences from that day’s blog right here; all you’ll need to do is click through to read the entire post, explore a new blog, and enter the contest to win your very own copy of The Chicken Encyclopedia.

So make sure to check in tomorrow for the first stop on the tour. And let’s talk chicken!
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Review reprinted courtesy of Backyard Poultry Magazine. Jd Belanger founded the original Backyard Poultry in 1979 and is the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Raising Chickens.

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