Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Want to talk chicken? We do!

Hello, Chicken Enthusiasts!

Want to talk chicken? We do! In fact, we’ll be talking chicken for the next two weeks with chicken bloggers across the web in celebration of the release of Gail Damerow’s new book, The Chicken Encyclopedia. 

The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour will kick off on March 2 with an author Q & A hosted by Scott Duncan, who blogs at For the Love of Chickens and who’s kept chickens as pets for the last 20 years. Mimicking the encyclopedic feel of Gail’s book, the tour will then continue with discussions on — and bloggers’ personal experiences with — everything from combs to crossed beak, frostbite to fertility, nesting boxes to toxic plants to urban chickenry to chicken coops. We’ll throw in a few more Q & As and a couple of general reviews of the book to make this a really comprehensive chicken experience!

And we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet! Each blogger will also be hosting a book giveaway on his or her blog. So make sure to hit each blog on its scheduled tour date, read the post, learn something new, and enter the blogger’s giveaway for your chance to win your own copy of The Chicken Encyclopedia.

Here’s the list of participating blogs and their tour dates:

3/2 For the Love of Chickens
3/3 Vintage Garden Gal
3/4 The Garden Roof Coop
3/5 Common Weeder
3/6 Chickens in the Road
3/7 Garden Rant
3/8 Fresh Eggs Daily
3/9 My Pet Chicken Blog
3/10 Coop Thoughts
3/11 BoHo Farm and Home
3/12 Happy Chickens Lay Healthy Eggs
3/13 A Charlotte Garden
3/14 Farm Fresh Fun
3/15 The HenCam
3/16 Life on a Southern Farm
3/17 ADozenGirlz, the Chicken Chick™
3/18 North Coast Gardening

As an additional stroke of good luck, the end of The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour just happens to coincide with National Poultry Day on March 19. We’re very excited to announce that we’ll be teaming up with our friends over at Mother Earth News Fair to celebrate! On the 19th we’ll host a giveaway on our blog — and MEN will host a giveaway on their blog — of a chicken gift basket. The basket will include a signed copy of The Chicken Encyclopedia and two other signed chicken-related books (Jennifer Trainer Thompson’s The Fresh Egg Cookbook and Jenna Woginrich’s Chick Days), as well as a couple of chicken magnets, a chicken poster, and a few items generously donated by our tour’s chicken bloggers (more details to come)!

We hope you’ll join us daily for our blog tour. As a little reminder we’ll post a short excerpt from each day’s post here on the Storey blog and on our Storey Facebook Page with a link over to the originating blog. Don’t forget to leave your comments and enter each blogger’s contest, and definitely feel free to share with all your chicken-loving friends!

See you back here on National Poultry Day!


Hannah Loomis said...

Looking forward to this - though I don't keep chickens at the moment, I actually named my blog for our beloved hens: fourhens.blogspot.com - feel free to stop by and visit a fellow pet chicken lover!

Clint Baker said...

WOW! thats awesome, I was getting reading to start lookin for info. You have saved me so much work thank you. I may link this to my blog if that okay?

Gifts Delivery Canada said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy people are excited for The Chicken Encyclopedia Blog Tour. We will post snippets and link to the original post, so keep checking in with us!

Clint, feel free to link our blog to yours.

sheri said...

what cities are you coming to? I sure hope you will be close to KC at some point


sheri said...

shoot, now I see that it's not a physical tour, but it's just on the computer....sorry