Monday, August 29, 2011

The Knitter's Compendium of Possibilities

“Now we have a book that proves something I often say: the horizons of knitting are astonishingly infinite. No matter how long you live, you may never have time to try everything in this alluring compendium of possibilities.”

— Cat Bordhi, knitting designer, publisher, teacher, speaker, author

Knitters are curious, adventurous people with a hunger for everything fiber! Wherever they look, they spot yet another opportunity to add to their repertoire and knowledge — whether it’s knitting with a rare, luscious fiber; learning an intricate technique; or trying exciting patterns from a new designer. The Knitter’s Life List compiles all of these exciting knitting challenges into one beautiful book and gives readers customizable lists in different categories, including resources, tips, and interviews with experts.

The Knitter’s Life List is a richly illustrated road map to woolly adventures guaranteed to get any knitter’s needles clicking faster. Listing more than 1,000 must-have experiences, this is the ultimate guidebook to everything knitting. Veteran knitter and fiber enthusiast Gwen W. Steege has canvassed the knitting community to create this inspiring compilation, which includes amazing yarns and classic techniques; most loved patterns; profiles of ground-breaking designers based on original interviews; descriptions of museums worldwide with knitting related exhibits; and information on destination festivals and retreats centered around the fiber-loving life. These are the experiences and events no knitter will want to miss.

Novice knitters and masters alike can flip to the yarn chapter to read about qiviut from the musk ox — and then check it off their list once they’ve made something with that luxury fiber. They will explore classic sweater designs and be encouraged to visit the yarn-friendliest cities. They’ll discover brave folks who delight in yarn-bombing; master intarsia; and even try some spinning, weaving, dyeing, embroidery, and crochet.

The Knitter’s Life List releases this September. For now, make sure to follow this link and enter the Knitter's Life List Sweepstakes and become a fan of the book on Facebook.


Author Gwen W. Steege has been a fiber fanatic for nearly 50 years, and she hasn’t tired yet of spending late nights with her knitting needles and a good ball of yarn, sometimes spun from the fleece of her own sheep. By day she edits books on knitting and other fiber crafts for Storey Publishing. She lives in western Massachusetts.

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