Monday, June 27, 2011

Jennifer Tyler: The Beginner Beekeeper, Part Three and a Half

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Here is a brief photo-essay from our beginner beekeeper, Jennifer Tyler. Let's call this part three and a half. Enjoy!

One bee in one hive: enter the queen.

That's...a lot of bees. Immediately after pouring them into the hive,
the confused bees take a moment to settle down into the frames.

A few minutes later, a look between the frames.

These bees are using their wings to fan the queen pheromone
and help the stragglers find their way home.

The second hive. There seem to be more bees in this package,
but it's really hard to tell.

This is not the bee that stung me...this photo was taken after retying the veil.

Ready for the top cover and a chance to settle in for a few days.

Jennifer Tyler works for Bank Square Books, an independent bookstore in southeastern Connecticut. When not reading or writing, she's playing with horses, dabbling in the fiber arts, or tending an organic vegetable garden with her boyfriend. Beekeeping and spinning are the latest projects in her effort to “homestead” on less than a quarter acre of rented land. Her search for authenticity is like a bottomless well.

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Gardeningbren said...

bare hands!!

Love the pale blue color chosen...amazed to see how many bees you put in the hive.