Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homebrewing in the White House!

First there was the White House garden, which yields a constant supply of fresh produce for the First Family and White House events . . .

Then there were White House bees — 70,000 strong in a hive near the new kitchen garden . . .

Last season those bees produced 160 pounds of honey, some of which is now being used in the First Family's latest adventure in producing their own food — beer!

Obama is making history by being the first U.S. president to brew beer in the White House, a White House Honey Ale in honor of St. Patrick's Day and Irish Heritage Month.

According to the Obama Foodorama blog, beer brewing in the White House is "here to stay," and the next initiative at America's most famous edible garden may be the planting of hops.

Can goats on the White House lawn be far behind?

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